Is the Long Island Medium a scam?

Are ALL mediums fake?  Is the idea that anyone can communicate with the dead a bunch of new age nonsense and spiritual silliness that only the gullible believe?

It amazes me how many people out there truly believe that EVERYONE who believes in some sort of afterlife are silly and gullible goofs. 

how to talk to spiritsThe truth is, I used to listen to Theresa Caputo do readings many years ago on the radio in NY…..for free, and before she was a big name or controversial celebrity, and even in those days….as a disinterested skeptic and agnostic when it comes to religion, it was hard to come away from some of those sessions without thinking – this is either completely FIXED……or she is doing something that science can’t yet explain.

When it comes to people who earn BIG bucks selling spiritual truths of any kind, my BS meter is usually up pretty high.  And Theresa Caputo is making a MINT “connecting this world and the next”, so it’s easy to be cynical, or skeptical, or to think that she’s pulling some great big scam that far too many people are too small minded to see.

I know this makes me sound like a rube to many of you who hate the idea that there may be something spiritual about life – something that transcends the physical- is BIGGER than our bodies and can exist independently from our ordinary awareness, but I do.

And I’ve seen enough amazing things in my own life to know that the only thing I DO know… that we ALL know a lot less about reality than we think.

I spent last week with one of my friends watching a whole bunch of tape of the Long Island Medium, and a few unedited, live shows Theresa Caputo has done for another long form review site, and I stick with my original assesment from years ago.

YES….some of her sessions are complete and utter misses.  But…..some of her readings are SO incredibly spot on, that short of showing me where there is REAL cheating by all involved (that includes the some pretty high profile shows – whose reputations would nose dive if they got caught in the charade)  I can say with utter sincerity……she is doign SOMETHING that the skeptics and cynics, the ones who are really watching with an open mind, can’t explain.  (or duplicate themselves)

What say you?  Is Theresa Caputo a fake?  Are all psychic mediums fodder for the small minded and silly amongst us?  Is all of this spiritual stuff mere wishful thinking…..or can the dead REALLY speak to us if we open ourselves up to the power, and possibility that death is not the end?

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