Is Kim Russo a good medium?  How are her private readings?  How much does she cost?  How can I get an appointment with Kim Russo…..especially if I don’t live close by?

how to talk to spiritsAny of these questions sound familiar?  With Kim Russo’s growing popularity on TV shows like the one’s on the BIO channel which feature her psychic interventions, it’s no surprise that we’re getting more and more inquiries about her readings, rates and reviews.

Check out some of the more detailed information below on making an appointment with Kim Russo (The Happy Medium) and some of her various contact points on social media, and for booking info, at the link following the short excerpt below!

Kim Russo is another well known “celebrity” psychic medium who is very active and particularly popular in New York City/Long Island and the general North Eastern states.Kim’s popularity has skyrocketed over the last few years as she has been featured on TV fairly often, most notably on the BIO channel’s “The Haunting Of…..” series, where Kim meets with famous people who have strange tales to tell…..or ethereal experiences that need resolution, often after years of keeping them to themselves.The show is well done – highly entertaining and showcases Kim’s natural psychic abilities, her movie star good looks and unique perspective on the paranormal experiences of others, including of course….other surprising famous faces. (the episode with Chazz Palminteri was my personal favorite :-)

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