Is Theresa Caputo really psychic?  Is the show scripted…..or is she really speaking to the dead?  And how do people who have seen Theresa Caputo in person rate or review her readings?  Is she as accurate in private as she appears to be on TV?

The funny thing about reading psychic reviews online is that they are often highly dependent on the belief system of the person writing up the review!

Get Psychic AnswersFor example, one of the writers we had working on a review of a popular medium a few years back wrote a scathing indictment of psychic mediums, and when I asked him if his experience with the medium we were reviewing was REALLY that bad…..he simply told me talking to the dead was impossible – and worse, it was banned by the Bible, therefore he didn’t need to actually see him, to know he was a fraud.

Not cool, right?

Others are cynical or skeptical in different ways, and still more are SUCH true blue believers that you can’t really put any stock in their perspective at all, if you want evidence, or facts to support your position.

My feeling on Theresa Caputo has always been – she’s entertaining, and because I knew of her WAY before she was on TV (as she used to do readings on a grief/loss call in show that is very popular in NY) I already believed that she was doing something worth watching….although I wasn’t convinced what it was.

I DO believe that *something* continues on after death.….from my own personal experiences (with mediums and my own direct spiritual experiences as well) and I tend to like Theresa Caputo personally as well, so I enjoy her show.

As far as her private readings go….we’ve heard good things, and have also heard how booked up (and expensive) she now is, so pursue a reading with her at your own peril. 

Check out a review and some experiences we wrote about with famous psychic mediums at the link below, or share your own experiences with Theresa Caputo, or any other controversial clairvoyant on our twitter page, or in the comments below!

remember years ago when they accused John Edward of doing research on his audience before he arrived. And yet… when I went to see him, with a small group of TV professionals from another city myself on a total unplanned whim, not only did he single our group out with an amazing reading, the person he read was the BIGGEST skeptic in the group as well. (And was one of the ones who always argued these shows were fakes, and that they were screening the audience in advance).The truth is, shows like the Long Island Medium provide an important function for those of us who DO believe: They reduce pain, and facilitate healing and hope for those of us who have lost a loved one… and want to BELIEVE that our loved ones are happy, healthy and “alive” in a way we may not yet fully understand.And even if you choose to criticize the messenger… that is a difficult message to argue is a bad one, if it helps people cope with tragedy and loss.My own experience?Very simple. I have had far too many life changing experiences with mediums to have any doubt at all that there IS in fact an afterlife, and we can in fact communicate with our loved ones NOW, should we choose to (and should they choose to come through). And that is a message worth spreading and one that I love to explore!

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