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On October 10, 2012
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A quick look at how much you should expect to pay to speak to the Long Island Medium (theresa Caputo) by phone or in person. Rates are estimates.....and there are group readings available at lower prices. (e.g. - small seminars or public demonstrations) NOTE: We recommend several alternatives to Theresa Caputo for affordable Medium readings from psychics we've tested and trusted, and at rates that are a fraction of what you'd pay above. Learn more below!

So, is Theresa Caputo the real deal, or just another celebrity psychic medium who is doomed to disappoint us all? 

Can she communicate with spirit……OR, is the TV show simply a well orchestrated form of spiritual entertainment and new age nonsense we really ought to ignore?

The funny thing is, people who have an opinion on the Long Island Medium are usually split into 4 separate camps.

1 – True blue believers who watch her work (and show) religiously
2- Die hard cynics and skeptics who think that ALL mediums are fakes, frauds and phonies
3 – Open minded folks who simply haven’t made thier mind up on spirits, the afterlife OR the long island medium!  (and other spiritual psychics as well)
4 – The VERY small segment of the population who has actually experienced a reading with Theresa first hand…..and they usually end up in the true blue believer camp, only by virtue of  PERSONAL proof and actual experience to substantiate what it is that they believe.  (without question, to ME….the only real opinion that is worth listening to very closely at all)

Look… someone who has studies psychics and mediums and paranormal experiences of all types for many, many years….

I can tell you that NO amount of reviews, or opinions, or articles like this one will EVER convince you that psychics are real, or that the afterlife isi true, or that our relatives who are on the other side can communicate with any of us at all.

As for myself?  The first 5 years or so that I read about and studied psychics and mediums, I became VERY convinced that these things were true, but it wasn’t until I had my own personal psychic experience of a very spiritual nature that I became a believer by neccessity, and through irefutable proof, rather than simply trying to decide which side of the street to believe, or which arguments made more sense.

(as I’ve written about before, I was visited by a co-worker who died in the middle of the night – suddenly – 1000 + miles away – who came and said goodbye….only to go to work in the morning and learn he had a brain hemmorage in the middle of the night)

A psychic reading I had with a medium several weeks later confirmed this experinece, and to be totally honest with you, I was so shaken by what had happened that I hadn’t told another SOUL.  (and the medium, a well known local spiritual advisor, told me specifically what had happened, what was said and even how it was said…..all 100% accurate and impossible for her to have known)

What do YOU believe about the Long Island Medium?  What do YOU believe about psychic mediums and the afterlife itself?

Share with us on our twitter account, or in the community comments section below, OR by visiting our recommended mediums HERE and testing their spiritual skills for yourself right now..:-)

past lives-1In the meantime,read some of the other opinions from around the web about Theresa Caputo’s psychic readings below….and see what the buzz is all about!

Enjoy :-)

Can Theresa Caputo, aka the Long Island Medium, really communicate with your deceased loved ones?

She did with one of mine.Well, it sure seemed like it, anyway, when I sat down to interview her Thursday.

I’m what you might call a skeptical believer. I’d really like to believe that this type of spirit-to-earth communication is possible. But come on … this lady from Long Island with the big hair is the lucky chosen one through which all of our loved ones can send messages?

But Caputo, (whose TLC series about her practicing her gift returns Sunday for its third season), was able to provide me with some very specific, personal information about my own passed loved one, and these aren’t things that would show up in a Google search or even a background check on me. In short, I don’t think she used any sort of trickery. At the very least, she’s incredibly perceptive – spookily perceptive.

Long Island Medium: An Enlightening Interview :

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