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Tina Bardo
Psychic Source 2012 Review

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On August 16, 2012
Last modified:July 11, 2013


Review of the Psychic Source Network - what we like about Psychic Source, what we don't, who they cater to and why....and how to get a Psychic Source reading at a great price should you be curious and not convinced...and want to experience a live psychic or medium for yourself.

(NOTE:  If you want to “test” Psychic Source at a lower rate than advertised in the video…….go here for a discounted reading)

What is Psychic Source?

Psychic Source is one of the largest, most respected and continuously operating phone psychic services in the world.

They have been providing psychic readings by phone since 1989, well before the “internet psychic craze” began….and their credibility is reflected in a consistent history of happy callers, clients and customers.

Who are They For?

Anyone who is interested in getting a psychic reading. Anyone who is curious…..but not convinced that psychics are real, and wants to test, explore and experience a real reading for themselves. People who feel stuck, or unsure about what to do next in life, or are sick and tired of the same old advice and want to try something new. People who are spiritually curious and adventurous and have always wanted to try a reading. Psychic “junkies” on a BUDGET! Psychic Source has readings that fit just about every bank account and bank budget…and cost concious callers and clients remain one of their biggest audiences.

How do they Compare to other Psychic Networks or Services?

Very favorably. There are several great psychic services (and many bad ones, too..:-) and you can’t go wrong if you choose carefully.

Psychic Source has over 125 different psychics with unique specialties, and in our view, as professional publishers in the psychic, new age and spiritual marketplace, they are at the very top of the totem pole for premium readings at perfect price points that almost everyone can afford.

How much does a psychic reading cost?

For first time callers and clients, Psychic Source has a $10 dollar trial special – and it’s backed by their 100% money back guarantee.

(if you don’t love the reading, they’ll give you your money back……or give you another reading for free)

They have frequent VIP specials for repeat callers and clients, and in our experience, are amongst the very best priced professional psychic services available online or off.

The Downside to Getting a Psychic Source Reading?

I find that they are more focused on love, relationship and career types of psychics and therefore, those types of readings as well.

If you want to talk to a medium, or want someone to explore your past lives, or have more exotic and esoteric tastes or paranormal interests (as I do..:-) I find that they aren’t the best source, or service for that.

Finding mediums who specialize in afterlife communication is probably a better bet if that’s what you are looking for, and there are better services, and psychics for that style reading than I’ve found at Psychic Source.

(alternatively, if you are looking for career…..or love, romance or relationship advice, Psychic Source is probably the very best choice for you)

How do I Start?

Use THIS link for a great discount over their advertised rates, and simply navigate to and through their list of available psychics and pick the perfect reader for YOUR needs, and your situation.

Remember, all Psychic Source readings come with a money back, 100% guarantee and performance promise – should you have ANY issues at all, as their reputation is priority #1……they are always incredibly happy to help us. (and everyone we’ve recommended over the years as well..:-)

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